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How To Install Attic Baffles

Technician installing pink attic baffles in the ceiling of an unfinished attic.The best way to ensure proper air circulation in your attic is with high-quality attic baffles from ThermaSeal/Lakeside Insulation.

Also known as wind baffles or rafter vents, these devices are essential in preventing moisture buildup in your attic. Our licensed and insured team installs attic baffles in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Learn more about the benefits of attic baffles by contacting ThermaSeal/Lakeside Insulation today. 

What Are Attic Baffles?

Attic baffles provide a channel for air to flow from your soffit vents to the interior of your attic. This ensures proper air circulation, which prevents moisture buildup, helps regulate the temperature and stops mold growth.

They can be made from various materials, including cardboard, foam board or PVC. Most of these materials are readily available at hardware stores, allowing you to construct your own.

Benefits of Attic Baffles

There are several important benefits to installing attic baffles in your home:

  • Prevents moisture accumulation, which can cause a wide range of issues
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth as well as structural damage
  • Protects soffits by preventing loose insulation from blocking vents
  • Prevents musty smells from mold or mildew growth
  • Helps maintain consistent attic temperature
  • Prevents ice dams from forming in the winter

Types of Attic Baffles

There are several types of attic baffles made from different materials, each with their uses and benefits:

  • Styrofoam baffles: These are popular because they’re lightweight, flexible and affordable.
  • Cardboard baffles: This type can absorb moisture and be folded to fit each soffit vent.
  • Plastic baffles: These are sturdy and can endure the pressure and weight of insulation without absorbing moisture.

Many homeowners choose foam baffles because they’re practical, affordable and effective. Our team can help you determine the best for your home and budget.

How To Install Attic Baffles

If you’re looking to install attic baffles, inspect your attic first. If your roof rafters are covered with drywall or plywood, you’ll need to remove them to install the baffles properly. If there’s insulation, you’ll need to remove it from the attic’s edges, where you’ll install the baffles.

Install a baffle between each rafter, with the bottom where the ceiling joist meets the rafter. Ensure the baffle’s edges are properly aligned and secure the sides with a staple gun. Seal the edges with spray foam to minimize air leaks. Once your baffles are installed, replace any insulation you removed.

Technician installing pink attic baffles in the ceiling of an attic

Benefits of Professional Installation

Although this is a project many homeowners can tackle themselves, it’s always best to hire an experienced professional like those at ThermaSeal/Lakeside. Our team has the training, insurance and licensing to create effective attic baffles that will work for years.

With our comprehensive approach to attic ventilation and insulation services, you can be confident we’ll help you choose the right type and number of attic baffles for your home.

Schedule Attic Baffle Installation

Attic baffles are the best way to maintain proper air circulation in your attic to prevent problems like mold growth and structural damage. Our team is prepared to answer your questions and install high-quality baffles in your home.

If your home has already had circulation problems, we have vast experience in mold remediation and offer various ventilation solutions in addition to attic baffles.

Schedule attic baffle installation with the experts at ThermaSeal/Lakeside today. 

Attic Baffle FAQs

How many attic baffles do I need?

It’s important to install baffles for every soffit vent between roof rafters. A professional installer can help you determine the proper number for your attic.

How high should my baffles be installed?

Typically, your baffles will start from the top edge of your soffits and extend a few feet above them. This ensures insulation or debris doesn’t restrict airflow.

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